Holistic Retreat on Cape Cod, MA


logoOn November 1st a new era of holistic stress management was offered as an on-going retreat that provides a private room/ bath. In the morning organic coffee, tea, fruits, nuts and an assortment of cheese are available. Also take advantage of a free half hour introduction to holistic stress management, as taught by Katharine Anne Young RN MSNH. In addition, experience a half-hour or one hour session which includes your choice of a Lymphatic facial, Bio-energy assessment and balance, personalized Aromatherapy and Magnetic reflexology. Or, as another means of stress reduction, just come and merely enjoy Cape Cod as a delightful, therapeutic wellness experience.

Katharine’s Masters’ thesis explored natural healing therapies with the focus on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and family unity. As a result, she designed a therapy to address the needs of all concerned; therefore, a bunk bed is included in the adults room for your child to experience the benefits of stress management.

Feel free to book a phone consultation prior to your visit.

Contact Katharine at (kyoung444@gmail.com) with questions or availability for lodging and visit our new Website      welcomelightretreatguesthouse.com


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