Holistic Stress Management



“Simply stated stress can be viewed within 2 categories: acute or chronic stress. The physiological response to acute stress (fight or flight) was required by the cave man, in order to run at a lightening speed for survival, as he ran away from the hungry 4 legged beast. As man has grown and engaged in a multitude of acute stressors, so too, has he faced continuous bombardment of chronic stress; thus, chronic stress is felt or perceived as the norm. Chronic stress encompasses the physical, emotional, psychological, socio-economic and spiritual aspects of man and it is recognized as “a global epidemic.”
Katharine offers Holistic Stress Management, in a light hearted manner, enhanced by creative methods designed to interrupt the cycle of persistent stress and related disorders; for example: guided imagery, aromatherapy, yogic breathing techniques, meditation, music and Tai Chi.

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