roygbivGrandmother Moon & Roy G. Biv
Explore the Amazing Secrets of Color
For All Ages

Join Sir Roy G. Biv as Grandmother Moon guides him on a miraculous journey of discovery and exploration. Roy is seeking a way to bring joy and fulfillment back into his dull life. Grandmother Moon, a soul that represents the ancient wisdom of nature, offers him the opportunity to experience the healing energy and power of color. He finds himself renewing his family connections and finding healthy life patterns that lift his body, mind and spirit.


seeingSeeing Without Seeing
The Dilemma of ADHD
For Parents and Caregivers

The beloved Grandmother Moon returns to visit her favorite student, Roy G. Biv, as he rocks his newborn baby to sleep. A light hearted fictional story, based on facts, designed to educate the parent and enhance the wellness of a child coping with ADHD. The characters explore supportive therapies based on ancient healing traditions and current trends in Energy medicine. Explore holistic treatments that can be used independently or in harmony with medication.


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